The decade that we are currently living in is known as the “80’s Fashion Decade.” This was the decade that launched the careers of many fashion designers, and it also marked a time when most people began to have a sense of a new style that they could adopt for their entire wardrobes. What was popular in the decade was an all-out makeover of what was previously considered to be the conventional fashion of the day. What was once considered to be a fad has now become an in-thing in fashion circles.

For many years, the fashion industry has followed certain trends. However, with each passing year the trends tend to change. The designs tend to change as well. There are many theories that have been put forth as to why these changes take place. What is common to many of these theories is that the trends that are seen are ones that have been popular for many years, or even decades in some cases.

One of the trends that was common in the decade was what was known as the “haremation” fashion. This trend focused on how people would dress in a suitcase or a handbag. This was a way to make a fashion statement that many would take seriously. These trends came to a halt in the 90’s due to the rise in designer handbags.

Another fashion design that was common during this time was what was known as the pencil skirt. Pencil skirts are considered to be one of the sexiest designs of the time. They showed a sensual side that was not often seen in fashion. Many women wore them to the office.

Another popular trend was the fashion of high heel shoes. This trend had the heel being higher than the usual shoe height that was seen at the time. For women this was a thrill to watch and to wear. The high heel helped to show that one was wearing some attitude, which was one of the biggest factors in fashion.

One of the most popular items of clothing was the bag. From a fashion standpoint it did not get much attention. Women would simply put any type of garbage bag on their shoulder. Men tried to match the colors that were on the bags. As a result, the bag became more of a fashion statement than what it had been before. If you could find a brightly colored trash bag, chances are it was a fashion statement all by itself.

The bold colors that we are familiar with today did not become popular until the eighties. These bold colors did not exist during the time period that fashion was booming. However, once again, if you could find a brightly colored bag, chances are it was a fashion statement all by itself. Remember, if you saw a bag that was big, bright, and bold, chances are that it was a fashion statement all by itself. Bags, shoes, slacks, dresses, and skirts were all part of the fashion statements that were coming out during those years.

Finally, as the fashion world was changing, the music styles of the day were also changing. The music of the eighties was a mixture of pop, jazz, and new wave. Music styles were changing all the time, but the fashion trends did as well. It was easier for women to change their clothing and their accessories from year to year rather than it was for men to do the same thing. We are going to have some more fashion stories from the decade that was the 80’s in the near future.

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